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I wanted to get this done yesterday, but you know, things got in the way.

Day 21/30

doodling old OCs was a very bad idea because now I’m just crying over them

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Since I doodled Daiyu yesterday, of course I had to doodle her mate, Gerhardt. It’s only fair.

I really miss these two.

Day 20/30

I was trying to draw something else for a good chunk of the day, but ended up getting extremely frustrated, so I gave up. I decided to doodle an old wolf OC of mine instead and of course that came out fine in 5 seconds even though I haven’t draw a wolf in months. Figures.

Day 19/30

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It’s still in it’s beginning stages, but I’ve finally made a Rooster Teeth group for Northern California residents after talking about doing so for many months. There is both a group on the RT site and Facebook in case people don’t have an account on the actual site and want to join in on the fun.

RTNorCal a group where RT fans who live in Northern California can talk, make friends, and plan meet-ups; we hope to have multiple meet-ups a year!

Whether you are fan of just Red vs. Blue, RWBY, RT shorts, Achievement Hunter, or any combination of content Rooster Teeth produces, all are welcome! No one will be turned down because they don’t like everything the company makes.

So, please join the group if you are a fan who lives in Northern California and are interested in meeting other fans in your area!

RT Site

Signal boosts are appreciated!

Friendly reminder that I run this group! NOR CAL REPRESENT

Victorian Cat Series #3

also Day 16/30

I’ll take an actual photo of it tomorrow, but #3 of the series is complete!

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I wanted to get the bottom one done tonight but that didn’t happen, so here’s a wip shot

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Happy RT Community Day!

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